Albergo Diffuso – do you know what it is?

“But today I would like to share with you Bidroom article by Rachel Bathgateabout ITALIAN ” Albergo Diffuso “- do you know what it is ?
In practice, the scattered hotel is housed in, a network of preexisting houses in a town centre; one is used as the central reception (sometimes also serving as the town tavern), while the others (which are all a “reasonable distance” from each other, no more than 200 metres)

There are several key ideas behind the Albergo Diffuso. These include sustainability, a ‘hotel that is not built,’ and creating a network among local resources. The concept was born to develop tourism in existing locations in hamlets and old town centres while not changing its characteristics.

Complements to Giancarlo Dall’Ara for an idea!

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The Scattered Hotel Model Could Revitalize Tourism .

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