History of the Albergo Diffuso

History of the albergo diffuso

The concept of an albergo diffuso was born in Carnia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in 1982. Following the earthquake of May 1976 there was a need to enhance the houses as they were being renovated, to create a future income. Others that followed were the village of Comeglians, in the Carnic mountains, and the wood and stone chalets of Sauris. The idea soon spread south with scattered hotels opening in Bosa in Sardinia and Alberobello in Puglia in 1995.

This hospitality model was developed by tourism marketing professor Giancarlo Dall’Ara. It was then formally acknowledged in Sardinia with a specific regulation in 1998. There are now alberghi diffusi popping up in villages on hill tops, by the sea and in the mountains.


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