Turismo russo: qualche dato e qualche spunto per il marketing online

Russian travelers spend about 16 billion dollars a year on travelling abroad. What’s more interesting is that the online share of this large market is really tiny – about 2 % of transactions are made online, so the potential of the market is really huge and it’s expected to grow fast.
A further peculiarity of the market is that most of travel abroad is done via buying package tours (people have become accustomed to it since the 1990′s when it was easier to come to a travel agent than find a hotel, air tickets and additional services independently).
There are companies like Travelata and Travelmenu that sell package tours online and according to Alex Zaretsky, CEO of Travelata, average tour sold through his site costs about US$1700.
The leading online air tickets seller is OneTwoTrip which sells about 4000 air tickets daily (with gross value of US$420m a year) while Booking.com holds the leading position in the online hotel market with gross booking value estimated to be about $2bn.
Also noteworthy is that, according to Euromonitor International, only 4 % of Russian travelers abroad are business travelers – others are leisure travelers.
Right now it’s hard for new players to enter the online air ticket segment or the online hotel booking market without the large investment that is needed for the marketing, development of new services and bringing new value propositions for clients as well as working with hotel partners, for example.
So, a good way is to look at niches that are relatively untapped in Russia right now – it’s inspiration, the social and planning part of online travel market. There are also gaps for companies looking to offer inventory besides hotels, air tickets or car rental and Excursiopedia is a good example.

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