Portait of the typical chinese tourist that goes to Italy

What is the portrait of the typical #Chinese tourist that goes to Italy and how have they changed through the years? We asked Giancarlo Dall’Ara, president of Chinese Friendly Italy. Their website is a major source of important information and their work aims to help hotels and tour operators in Italy to be more attractive to Chinese travelers.

 #Chinese tourists have a new profile: well-traveled, young and social, looking for an environmentally friendly and culturally rich holiday.

Amalfi, Verona, Ferrara, the Liguria Region, Sicily are some of the new destinations Chinese tour operators are becoming aware of. Mr. Dall’Ara told me: “We find a new geography of #Chinese Tourism in Italy: alongside the usual destinations like Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan many tour operators are offering tours of smaller cities and new regions like Tuscany or Sardinia. It is especially online that these travelers look for information and package tours, both individual and group ones”.

articolo originale qui: http://chinaplus.cri.cn/opinion/opedblog/23/20171231/71889.html

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